How do I remove collision from Geometry?

I have a coin that is a rescaled cylinder that I dragged in from the Modes>Place>Geometry section. This is supposed to be a coin that a player can pass through. Upon overlap the coin wil spin and be removed.

I was told there was a Block setting that will need to be changed to Overlap but I can’t find it. Perhaps you know where to look? or know another way?

Turns out there are 2 shape types a person can add and it seems like “basic” should have been my first choice. Coming from Maya, “Geometry” is expected to be a shape and I had no idea what basic was. There is a drop-down option when placing basic shapes to set the collision.

Are your coins Blueprint?

Select the mesh in the BP (1. pic) and then scroll donw in the detail panel (2nd pic).

I don’t know what you want exactly, but there should be the option you want :slight_smile: