How do I reload modified plugin without restarting editor?

How do I recompile/reload modified editor plugin without restarting editor?

Compiling plugin from visual studio doesn’t seem to update the version used by editor.

And if I go to “modules” and click reload or recompile, that doesn’t seem to do anything -> editor seems to be using old version of the plugin till I restart the editor.

Unreal engine version 4.9.

I’m not sure what do you asking. Can you show me the ScreenShots?

I seem to remember that hot reload doesn’t work with plugins.

That’s a pity.

At least editor doesn’t take too long to restart.

Yupp, this has been slowly driving me crazing when developing 90% in plugins :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to my world. Mind you, I live in the local debugger and I think that may play a part in it.

I’m 100% sure that plugins won’t be hot-reloaded even where’s there’s no debugger attached.

Anyway, I’ve finished my plugin, so plugin hot-reloading is no longer an issue. For now, anyway.

If you wish to see any of the modules, including your game and plugins, that are available, select Window > Developer Tools > Modules.
From here you can load, unload, reload and or recompile any of the modules currently available to the editor.


I tried that long time ago, pressing “recompile” and “reload” does not actually reload plugin, and engine continues to use old version.

Anyway, I finished my plugin, so I’ll be unsubscribing from this thread. Perhaps eventually epic will add hot reload support for plugins as well.

Works like a charm, thank you!

Thank you, this worked fine.

Maybe it is possible to somehow create a custom editor button to “Recompile” selected plugin?

I find the Modules here in UE5:

Tools > Debug > Modules

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