How do I reimport new animations

I have a skeletal mesh with animations that I have imported into UE4 but I have created a few more animations in the FBX file and wish to import them as well. Selecting reimport does not give me these new animations and selecting import gives me an additional copy of each existing animation, the mesh, and the skeleton. How can I get just the new animations?

If you open an animation connected to your skeleton, on the top menu there is two buttons “Import” and “Reimport”, the “Import” button should allow you to import new animations for the same skeleton, although it will prompt you to replace the existing assests previously imported (mesh etc.) which I find inconvenient.

What I do instead is I go in my import folder (make sure the skeleton and other assets related to the anim you want to import are not in this folder) and click “Import” in the content browser. Then I select the appropriate .FBX file and untick “import mesh”, set the skeleton you need, set the animation range you want then hit import, you will be given an animation file. Move this file to the Animations folder in your content browser then go back to the import folder and repeat these steps for all the animations you need.


I don’t think this works now though.