How do I reference my first person character?

Hi there,

I’m very new to Unreal Engine. I followed a tutorial by ‘UnrealCG’ to make my character push grass/wheat aside when colliding with it, however, I don’t think i’m referencing my FP character correctly as the tutorial worked immediately with a 3rd person character reference from the world.

Here’s the level blueprint

And this is the world position offset in my grass/wheat material

I also get this error when I hit play [Accessed none trying to read property].


Cheers in advance.

Well… Try to reconnect nodes to “Event Tick→Cast to PlayerCharacter→Set Vector Parameter Value”.

But, maybe it doesn’t run even if you change the node like it…

If so, please reply to this.

Thanks for the reply,

It stopped the error happening so I assume it worked! Although it still isn’t making the wheat move. Is it perhaps a collision option that I’m unaware of?

Here’s the re modified blueprint (Hope I got it right)

And here’s my wheat mesh collision properties

Thanks again.

  1. you shouldn’t run this off tick, maybe an overlap connected to a timeline or something that shuts off when the player stops contacting the wheat
  2. Your collision is set to “no collision” so nothing will happen, that is why the wheat doesn’t move

Thanks for the tips.
Should I set the wheat to trigger, and if so, which nodes would one use to check whether your FP character is colliding with the wheat?
I’ve been attempting to do as you said, unfortunately to no avail.

It doesn’t really matter what you use as long as the collision setting you apply overlaps pawns. And the nodes you use are “on overlap” and “cast to (whatever your character is)”

Ok i’ll give it a shot in the morning, thanks a bunch for your help :slight_smile:

If anyone finds this post and is interested in the solution the mesh is set to NoCollision and this is the level BP layout

Note that this is for the first person character.

Set the vector parameter value to a material parameter.

Here is the material layout you’ll need too

Thanks to everyone who helped