How do I reference a character in a widget blueprint while in posession of a pawn?

I’m trying to create an option for the player to morph the character model. I’m trying to create a mini editor using a pawn. However, I don’t know how to reference the character in the widget while being in the pawn.

There’re GetPlayerPawn, and GetPlayerCharacter functions.

Both can be Casted to your specific class if needed to.

from the sound of it your initially the character then while doing the editing in a widget your possessing a pawn, is that right? then you want the widget to affect the character with the changes once finished if im getting you correctly. in this case i would create the widget and set a variable within it to reference the character, then once thats done you can posses the new pawn. this will give you a simple way to affect the right character as well as a easy way to reposses the character once your done with the editing.