How do I reference 1 instance of a blueprint?

So I have 1 blueprint. It creates 25 instances of itself in the level. How would I go about referencing 1 of those instances? (ie. Instance 22)

I come from GMS and if i wanted to do this there i would just set up an array in a for loop and each instance would be assigned a position in the array when created/spawned.

Yes, you can just add all of them to an array when you spawn them into the level. Then you can use the “Get” node (with the required index) on the array to access any of those instances.

Just to add…

If you don’t care about most of the instances, just 1 or 2 or 3 etc.
You could set a BP TAG, and then use Get All Actors With Tag…

Thank you for clearing that up for me! +1

HUGE! +1