How do I Ref Self in my Bp_Controller when Self is from Bp_Charter?

right click, type get controlled pawn, drag the controled pawn to interactor.

Something to consider would be to change your Interact interface to accept class ‘Pawn’ as ‘Interactor’ instead of ‘Character’. ‘Pawn’ is the parent class of ‘Character’, so you will be able to call ‘Interact’ in all the same ways as before. This approach just gives you a little more flexibility when calling the interface. If you need Character-specific properties inside the class that implements ‘Interact’, you can always cast to ‘Character’.

If you take the above approach, you can use ‘GetControlledPawn’ inside your ‘Bp_Controller’ to get the ‘Interactor’.

Hope this helps…

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I tried didn’t work. All I’m trying to do is have a {Controller with all logic} so all the Charter is doing is {Cosmetics}