How do i recreate the stretchy Mario from Super Mario 64?

Sorry about the bad drawing

Im not recreating mario 64
im making some other game

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Tell me things i need to mention

Looks like something from Picasso - I don’t see anything …

Super Mario 64 - Mario's Face - YouTube heres a video about it

This is a deceptively complex thing to do, but as a good starting point you should look into morph targets.

There is also an example of this kind of thing in the animation map of the content examples project.

There are tools for moving individual bones around in Animation Blueprint (Transform(Modify)Bone) but this would require the bones to be set up specifically for this.

Personally I think Morph Targets/Blend Shapes are the way to go, but it will require some setup either way and some experimentation. Hopefully this at least points you in the right direction.

Did you ever wind up doing this? I’m curious about the approach too!