How do i recognize Touch End Events without an Actor


In my game its planed that if i click on the player Character he will take his Backpack and Look in it while the camera is moving down to him. But if you release the Finger before the Animation finishes he will take it back on and the camera is moving back quickly. Its an Action of about 2 seconds but you will loose the character under your finger and if you release outside of him it will not trigger. I don’t want to check all objects in the world on a touch End Event. Is there a global solution to recognize Touch End Events where ever they are?

Oh and im using Blueprints :smiley:

Did u tried input Touch (Right click > Input>Touch). u can trace touch release from this node and perform rest of required actions.

Thanks :slight_smile: I feel a bit stupid now :smiley: That was so obvious and i stuck at this Touch End Event that i missed the simplest way :smiley:

Is that still a thing? I can’t find it? I’m using 4.8.