How do i receive click events for widgets and actors at the same time?

My game camera is controlled by clicking and dragging. It uses the mouse button down event to do this.
When I click a widget button, this blocks the click event going to the camera. is there a way to do get the event trigger for both the widget and the camera at the same time?

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Usually input is either consumed or not.
You can normally set the behavior on the node checking for the input.

The other way to work around it, so to speak,
Is you add an interface to the camera, and call the interface funcrion(s) from the widget after the widget input execution.
Obviously there may be lag due to processing when using the second option.

The interface call may however work in parallel.
Can’t really say without building and checking the stack.
In BP it probably doesn’t, but you never know unless you check.

To be more specific, i want to access all my axis inputs in widgets. currently certain axis inputs (such as mousex, mousey) only activate when clicked on the game viewport, thats why i asked this question.

Mose X/Y are still very much available from within any widget.

Your process you are using in order to read and use their values may be what is “locked” inside the view-port…
You can bypass that via an interface call or a function call from the widget if you really need to.

Being no one here knows anything about your set up. There’s nothing much that we can tell you.

I have another problem regarding this. I want to have a right click menu come up when I right click widget buttons. However I cannot get the rightMouseDown InputAxis when I am hovered over a widget. That input Axis does not change when i right click widgets.

Can’t you just get the mousecoord and use that when the click happens?
Not sure what you need the Axis for.
If you really do, you may need to override the default input and catch the event manually.