How do I recall a mesh instance created from a blueprint class?

Hello, I’ve made a class blueprint that spawns instances of a static mesh and positioned them in to a grid using the x, y, and z axes. So for example I’m able to create a grid of 1000 spheres positioned at equal distance from each other (10 x, 10 y, 10z).
How do I recall a specific instance? For example I want to be able to select from the grid, the sphere positioned on x=3, y=4, z=2 and change his transformation or material etc…
I’ve looked in to Arrays but, even though it seems easy to store variables I can’t find a way to store and recall mesh instances.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.


Still haven’t got an answer and it’s been more than a month, please could anyone help me? I am completely blocked by this

I don’t believe you can directly reference an instance. I know this won’t help much, but I remember reading somewhere would you could use a collision box, and in your case, spawn it at x=3, y=4, z=2 and search for the closest instance. Someone more knowledgeable can correct me.

You can use Get Instances Overlapping Box/Sphere to get the indices of the instances. Then you can set their locations using Update Instance Transform.