How do I re-parent a level blueprint to a custom level script actor blueprint?

I was able to re-parent a level blueprint to a custom c++ class that extends ALevelScriptActor, but I can’t seem to re-parent a level blueprint to a blueprint that inherits from my custom LevelScriptActor class. Only C++ classes show up in the parent drop down. Thanks

It is a bit unreliable (bugs…) but you can do this:

In the Project Settings, under General Settings, find the section “Default Classes”. One of the choices is “Level Script Actor Class”. Hit the Plus (+) sign to the right to generate a new blueprint. This blueprint will become the parent of all level scripts of new maps (but not existing ones). The bad news is it doesn’t always happen…sometimes the new map level script gets the default parent anyway, and if you move folders around, everything defaults to the default parent again. So…you do a lot of making a new empty level, copying everything from an old level, and pasting it in (after verifying the new empty level has the correctly-parented level script!).