How do I re-enable a section in the Asset Details Panel?

I’m working with cloth animation and section 14 which is for my cape has become disabled so now I can’t see it. How do I re enable this option?

You can either find it in the window menu, or failing that

In the main editor window:

Window → Load layout → Default editor layout

Thanks for your reply. I tried what you said and nothing happened. I even tried to reimport the mesh and it is still disabled.

You’re right. I misread your question. Not sure what’s up here…

I think it may have been just a glitch. I completely deleted the mesh and animations and reimported them to my folder. That seems to have fixed the problem.

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I was able to find the solution through this youtube video by Trigon. If you right click where it says clothing, you can enable and disable this layer.


Great :slight_smile: