How do I put custom blueprints on the marketplace?

I am a technical artist and I don’t know C++ (yet), so I work in blueprints. I am creating something relatively complex with the eventual gual of selling it on the UE4 marketplace.

I want to implement functionality that can not be achieved with blueprint nodes. I would have to create my own blueprint node that would work with the rest of my blueprint-based work. How would I sell the resulting project files on the marketplace so that they would be as much “plug and play” as possible?

(I have no experience with putting up things on the marketplace, yet. So it may very well be that I am worrying about nothing.)

If you can’t write a Blueprint Function Library in Blueprints to do what you want, then you probably have to write a custom Blueprint node in C++.
There’s a “new plugin” button at the bottom of the Plugins settings screen; after that, you can select “blueprint function library” as the kind of plugin, and go from there.
It’s pretty easy, if you know how to write C++, and it’s pretty hard if you don’t :slight_smile:

Thank you!