How do I publish my game?

Hello everyone,

I am begining to make some good looking games but do not yet know how to publish them onto a website, steam ect. How can I get my game online, if you could help it would be much appreciated.

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Hi, i hope i can help,

A lot of the information you may want might be here :

Packaging Unreal Engine Projects | Unreal Engine Documentation

Also when your ready to try get your game on steam, you need to do so via steam`s ‘Greenlight’ process. This is where you submit your information about your game such as videos and descriptions where steam users can look at that page and then vote to get your game on steam, once you get enough votes (which we dont know the number of) or valve decided they want your game on steam, then they will start working to get your game actually on steam. The whole steam greenlight process is going to cost you £70 ($100) , but if you want you can add a ‘Concept’ of your game aswell which users can also view, for no cost so you can get free feedback. Anyway, back to greenligh, you can find information on it here :

Steam :: Steam News :: Evolving Steam

Sometime in the process if you are successful with steam greenlighting and get accepted, you may want to consider intergrating steamworks into your game with the steamworks sdk. This will allow you do things such as add achievements to your game and other steam things, but this can be done much later in development. You can find information on steamworks here :


And, to put it online, after your down packaging i believe you could just upload the files to a site which allows users to download them and run the game themselves. (Although please correct me i am wrong)

I hope this helps in someway. Also if i am wrong in places (probably am) then sorry, and please if anyone can correct it would be appreciated.

Hope it helps!


Anyway you like as long as you no distributing engine source code. Most simpiest way is to get a server and host it yourself on HTTP server, but mothly transfer limits might be a huge problem. In case of Steam, you can’t just publish game there (or else you pay them a lot :p), but theres something called Greenlight:

Where you submit a game and other people jurge it, if lot of people like it, it goes to Steam :slight_smile: But search, you might find other distribution ways, maybe Microsoft store in Windows 8? but i don’t know there rules

On mobile it’s a lot easier, for Apple you pay 99$ per year to bring your software to AppStore, for Android you pay 25$ once.

Linux is also special case, if your game is free you might try to find repos (each disribution go diffrent repository system) which willing to host your game.

You quastion is very wide as there many ways you can distribute your game

Thanks Lawrie,

You really helped me plan how I will publish my games in the future thank you so much I will let you know if anything is wrong.

Many thanks,

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But how do i publish my game on all consoles