How do I properly set a camera as the player in an Oculus project?

I’ve followed the instructions here to set it up so that I may animate a camera and look around with the Rift while it’s moving, without it affecting the direction of movement:

After I followed these directions, I placed a camera in my level, animated it with Cinematics (Matinee) and it played fine and allowed me to look around. I noticed, however, that when I play the level, it’s spawning a second camera besides the CameraActor I placed. I feel like I’m doing something wrong here. I’m also streaming between different levels and placing a new camera actor in each level to act as your staring point, then triggering them with Matinee. I feel like something is not right. It works fine but each level is spawning a second camera actor and I believe it’s causing glitches. Can you please explain how to do this properly? Thank you.

I’ve run into similar issues recently ;D

Disclaimer: I’ve not added a separate view. This might not apply!

What unreal is doing, is creating a virtual head rather than using the camera. For whatever reason it does not update the camera location based on the head / hmd location so you have to do that part on your own.

As you probably know oculus dk2 and most new hmds have in addition to the rotation a location tracking. This allows us to move the player camera left and right or wherever according to that helping enormously with simulation sickness. Unreal is pretty much completely taking care of that for us which is great… but also not so great.

My issue was using the exact location of the head for something rather than having it at a fix position. This means I sadly have no clue how this can be fixed but it might help regardless!