How do I properly install a plugin?

I am wanting to install this plugin:

I have never installed a plugin before and instructions on page are a little vague. I am not 100% sure exactly how I am supposed to install this correctly. Any help is appreciated.

Hey joshezzell,

This particular plugin does not work in 4.2 yet, as creator hasn’t updated it to reflect changes in engine. If you want to use this one, you will need to use it in 4.1.1 or earlier, and you will need to build engine from source. If you do that, instructions on that page want you to put FluidSurface folder in /Engine/Plugins/Runtime directory, build engine, and move Shaders into /Engine/Shaders directory. You will then need to enable plugin in Plugins window in UE4.

Some plugins require an engine built from source, such as this one, and some are simple plug-n-play files that do not require source. Most should have their own directions included, and those instructions may vary from plugin to plugin. Usually, you need to contact plugin’s creator for specific questions.

Hope that helps!

As an added note, creator has mentioned on forums recently that they expect to update to 4.2 soon, hopefully:

Thought I would just add here, I have finally updated plugin to 4.2 and will be updating to 4.3 once its released

I will also add that I am not very good at writing documentation and such, if you are running into issues, installing, or using, I am pretty much always contactable on IRC or via PM in forums.