How Do I Prevent Projectile Pushes AI/Character?

I am making a game with crossbow. When player shoots arrow to an AI or character, arrows push them. How do I prevent that and make arrows sticks into AI? I tried to change mass or collision settings, nothing changed.

Thank you.

I am using “Event Hit” on projectile and AI itself. How do I change it to Overlap?

If you select the collision component for the projectile in the projectile BP, scroll down to the bottom of your component properties. There you should find a green button with a white “+” sign on it that will let you add an overlap component.

Be sure to set the collision component to be using overlap only.

I did this and AI is “pawn” but still pushes it back.

Your projectile probably is an Actor with a projectile movement component, a (sphere, capsule or something like) collision component, and a Mesh.
A Common error is to set everything right in the collision component, but forget to set “No Collision” on the Mesh component.

Something Like this:

Thanks both of you, it’s solved now.

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