How do I prevent my ragdoll from clipping partly into the floor?

I have a reoccurring problem with my ragdolls and that is that a hand or foot clips through the floor and he gets stuck.

This is a recreation in the Content Examples project with Epic’s preset ragdoll:

It usually happens when you slam a ragdoll into a floor or wall, and then it starts spazzing all over the place.
How do I fix this?

Open skeleton asset and edit its collision spheres there.
There was either tutorial or some epic stream about tuning physical animation, google it.

Thanks for your reply, but that doesn’t really help me solve my problem :confused:
I’m trying to figure out how the collision setup should be to prevent this from happening. Physical animation doesn’t have anything to do with this problem I think.

in the ragdoll physics assets try enableing “CCD” on the collision spheres (or capsules). ue4 doesnt like fast and small moving objects. ccd is like more precise collision simulation, i made chemlights in vr which clipped thru the floor when throwing, enableing this helped me.

ps. i like when moderators say on their forum “google it”

I was looking into CCD. Is it much more expensive? What if I have 4-5 ragdolls at the same time with CCD enabled.

Dont really know, when i was testing the mp of the vr project im making my friend spawned 50 chemlights and they all collided with each other, they did not make any noticable performance impact, but they are single capsules after fall.

also after some time thinking if you still didnt figured it out, maybe the massinkg in ur ragdoll (the collision thingys) is to heavy in the hands