How do I prevent level streaming from streaming levels automatically?

My problem is very simple. All I need is a persistent level that I can see while I edit levels on top of it. They will mostly be made of simple actors.
A landscape (persistent level) with changing cubes (assigned to different levels) is a perfect example.
The thing is, I can’t figure out how to prevent Unreal from loading the levels as soon as the game starts.

I need to prevent the engine from doing so, while still being able to toggle the levels visibility within my discretion (this is crucial for seeing how the sublevels will work with the persistent level), so that I can just use the “Load Stream Level” and “Unload Stream Level” nodes to handle the level streaming.

The picture may explain it more clearly.

You should be able to change the stream method of each level to “blueprint” instead of “always loaded”. You can do that from your levels window. Just right click the appropriate levels and change stream method. This will give you the ability to load and unload through blueprint events.

Dear boyty01, thanks for replying.
I can’t seem to find the “stream method” option you’ve mentioned.
Can you please light the way?
I know this may sound redundant, but please understand, it’s been a painful journey.

Have a look at this posthopefully it will help. The last comment specifically may outline the problem.

Thank you!