How do I press 'Play' with the android preview, the window that is generated is in portrait?


I am a student and I have a project in hand that I want to launch in Unreal. However, until now, even though everything was going well, I have encountered a problem that can not be solved and maybe you can guide me.
First of all say that I have been reviewing this blog and I have not come up with an answer that fits my question. So I encourage those who dominate Unreal to tell me where the error is or if there is a solution.

The first:

- Work with a ** Mac ** (last generation).

- The Unreal version is ** 4.17 **.

- The project is created from a ** empty ** scenario.

- The project is of the type ** Blueprint ** (visual scripting).

The important thing:

  1. I created an ** empty scene ** to start the game (first screen).
  2. I have created a Widget where to put everything related to the start of the game ** (‘Play’, ‘Settings’, ‘Exit’) **.
  3. I have established that the Widget has ** 1080x1920 ** (portrait).
  4. The widget is composed of a ** Canvas ** along with the various ** buttons ** and ** texts **.
  5. The ** DPI Scale ** is 1.0.
  6. In the ** Project Settings ** → Android and IOS have the orientation in Portrait.
  7. In the ** Editor Preferences ** → Windows size to Portrait.

Taking all this into account, I think nothing escapes me.

Now as hell even having *** done all the above ***; when I decide to press the ‘Play’ on my PC with the settings in ‘Android Preview’ the sucker keeps on launching the game in Landscape !!

It is very stressful to deal with this so if anyone has any idea what to do to comment.

Thanks in advance.