How do I play a pre-rendered cutscene, fullscreen and with sound, on the viewport?

Hi there. I’m trying to play a quick pre-rendered cutscene when the player steps on a box trigger and I can’t find any information on the subject. So far, I’ve found the Media framework, but all the documentation talks about is using the video as a texture for in game assets. I need something that will run fullscreen, is not influenced by the level’s lighting and has sound. Basically, a good, old fashioned, pre-rendered cutscene. Anyone know how to achieve this?


Not an answer - sorry. But I am after exactly the same thing. I launch a new level and I want a full screen cut-scene to play setting the scene. I can put a big plain up and run the movie on that but that’s not what I’m after.

I’m also looking for a solution. Has UE set up a basic solution for this yet? Are we still waiting on a simple cutscene player (not sequencer-based)?

I haven’t tried it but can you play a movie on a full screen HUD widget? A media texture is played in a material and you can put materials in a UMG widget.