How do I pass vectors from Level Blueprint to Blackboard?

I’m attempting to pass a pair of vectors from the level blueprint to a Blackboard for use by the AI Controller/Behavior Tree, but haven’t yet discerned how to pass the data directly and suspect that either it can’t be set that way or I’m missing something in the communication documentation/tutorials.

Specifically, I’m trying to set an AI Pawn’s direction to be facing a certain way based on a comparison of a look at rotation (calculated from 2 vectors, target point and spawn point) and the pawn’s current rotation. At this point, it would seem that if I could make the AI Controller spawn prior to the pawn I’d be in business, except I’m not certain how to cast to the controller from the level blueprint or if that’s possible. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

As it turns out, I was just making this harder than it needed to be. Much easier to forego doing this within the BT and just set the basic behavior right at the controller level. See attached BP.