How do I pass variables into my projectile to modify the speed it goes?

For example, if I want to have a charge up weapon where you hold the button down for a bit. This means that I charge up a variable by incrementing it while the trigger is held down. However I store both the damage of the projectile and the speed that it moves on the projectile itself. I am not really sure what will work best for passing the variables needed over to the projectile. A fully charged shot should do more damage and move faster.

This game needs to support multiplayer so doing this sloppily will likely result in annoying bugs.

Any advice?


Read this, it might help

Create a variable for speed/velocity however you want to set it up in your projectile blueprint, click to make it Editable, give it a tooltip, and check “Expose on Spawn” Now wherever you use “SpawnActorFromClass” and pick this class it will have a new extra input pin for passing in this variable.

Awesome! It works kind of.

One problem though.

Is there a way to get around this?