How do I pass a Variable from my main Character blueprint to my main HUD blueprint?

I’ve tried about 5 different tutorials and none of them seem to be working.
All I’m trying to do is pass a “Health” Integer variable to my HUD blueprint so I can display its value

I’ve made it public in the Character blueprint, and I’ve tried interfaces, but in some articles

They will reference the blueprint properties, specifically the interface section of them

“2) Open the MyCharacter blueprint
(again, this is created by the First
Person Template, so you may use your
own Character blueprint here) and
select Blueprint Properties. Here you
will want to scroll to Interfaces >
Implemented Interfaces and Add the
Interface you just created. Compile
the Blueprint.”

For the life of me I cannot seem to find ANYTHING in my character class relating to interfaces.
I really hope I’m just being extremely blind and missing it, or there is a hassle free way of passing variables between blueprints…


You might take a look at this conversation. It should have what you need.