How do i partially destruct a mesh

This has been asked in the past but there was no solution, i want to make my destructible mesh like it was in UDK where if i shoot just one corner, only that corner will break.
But at the moment when i shoot my mesh everything crumbles at once, and adding support chunks does not help.
Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve been looking at this too.

I’ve got as far as finding out the following:

  1. Download the PhysX Lab from NVidia from NVidia here
  2. Import the mesh you wish to partial fracture wirth File / Import 3D Mesh
  3. Fracture however you see fit, i.e. Voronoi
  4. Go to Assets and select world overlap for depth 1
  5. Save it into UDK with “Export Asset”
  6. In UDK import the apk file
  7. Place into scene

You can now destroy the asset and it mostly keeps shape. However it doesn’t fully, the individual chunks hit don’t singualrly come off, the impact ripples through.

However, in PhysXLap you can take a hammer to the object and the individual chunks come off perfectly.

To fix the interior rigidity of the object in UDK I went through and changed, in “Special Hierarchy Depth”:
Support Depth = 1
Minimum Fracture Depth = 1

I also changed, in “Advanced Parameters”, Impact Velocity Threshold to be 100 so that internal fractures didn’t ripple through. Perhaps this could be higher.