How do I parent 2 child actors?

I have 2 child actors in an actor. I need to make one of them the parent of the other. I tried dragging one of them under the other one in the list of components, but that doesn’t seem to have changed anything. How do I do it? Or is this not a thing?

Any way to be more descriptive on what you are trying to achieve? Did you want one child actor to follow the other child actor in game? Like whats the purpose of a child actor being a child of another child actor?

Yes, I want to attach one to the other with a socket, but it’s not working. Apparently I need to make one the parent of the other.

Does anybody else know?

You could try this within the blueprint:


In this particular case… im setting Mesh as the child of Sphere Rotate. When the Sphere rotates (or moves) so will the Mesh.

That’s what I’m already doing. The two join together and move around with each other. But I’m using a socket in the ‘attach to’ which is in the skeleton of the parent, but it’s not going to the socket. Someone said that if I want to do this, I need to parent them. If this is all that means, then why doesn’t it go to the socket when I do it?

I’ve noticed in that picture it says ‘Attach to (deprecated)’. My one says ‘Attach to component’. Would it work if I had one like yours instead? How do I get one like yours?

Not sure if they took it out in 4.15.1 or not. But it should still be an option if you start typing Attach To.

Well they must have done. Even when I uncheck context sensitive there is nothing that says depricated. I guess I’ll look through the 15.1 change log then.

Well I just looked it up and depricated means it’s in the process of being replaced by something else. So it looks like it’s been replaced.

Maybe if I report this as a bug I’ll get a better response.

Yea… the original blueprint I built that in was in 4.14, when I ported to 4.15 everything still works - they must have just taken away the ability to create a new node.