How do I package project for Android on OS X

I can package for Android in the UE4 IDE for Windows, but for UE4 IDE for OS X I only have Mac and iOS as options. Can I add Android or Windows on OS X, or do iOS/Mac from Windows?

I’m lazy swapping OS’s for respective platforms :slight_smile:

In Unity3D, Android, Windows, OSX, and Mac work from both Windows and OSX IDEs.

We’re working on adding Android packaging to Mac editor. It should be available soon, but I don’t know when exactly.

thanks. I’m just thrilled the IDE works well in OSX. kudos.

Oh boo! I’m an Android user but on a Macbook Pro. It’s been 2 months, any more details on a timeframe for this?

Trello - the plan is to have it in the next release, but it’s still too early to promise we will actually be able to fix all the issues on time.

Thanks Michael, really appreciate the quick response and Trello link! Touch wood you get it knocked out soon :smiley:

Is there anything new about it?
I spend the whole day trying to get Android option showing up an OSX. :frowning:
I rebuild from 4.5 branch and installed all SDKs and also made the setup for my environment variables. Nothing. Either in Frontend or editor.

Can someone help? :slight_smile:


Howdy Giraffentoaster,

I found another post where a user was having the same issue. Deploying to Android from the Mac is not currently possible with UE4. It is something we’re definitely planning for, and while we hope to have it this year, we do not have a specific time frame for it yet.

Here is a link to that other post as well:

Thanks and have a great day!