How do I package only part of my project?

I made a demo level within my project it contains 4 maps and various asset types, I want to package just the demo level as the entire project is quite large in its WIP state. What is the best way to do that? Please break down into steps for me if possible.

Thank you!

Hello DarkRider,

You should be able to do this via the Project Settings. Go to Edit > Project Settings > Packaging and select the arrow at the bottom of the options to expand the additional settings. From here, there should be an option for “List of maps to include in a packaged build”. Hit the + icon to add an element and then use the “…” to browse for your demo map. After this, as long as “Cook everything in the project” isn’t selected, it should only package that one map when you attempt to package.

Hope this helps!


Thanks! If I have a persistent level with two sub levels do I have to instruct it to pack the sub levels too, or will the sublevels be included automagically?

I’m not sure about that as I’ve never tried it myself. I’d suggest giving it a try and seeing which way it works.