How do I package my game?

Hi, I have bought my Unreal version since month ago and I have could build my games. My Unreal crashes when I try to do it. I need to build it because it’s a university’s job, and I need it soon. ¿Could you help me?

You need to be more specific. What do you mean by build? Is it crashing when you try to build the lights or packaging the game? Give as much information as you can about your issue please.

  • post your log :wink:

Build: Export my game/ create an .exe file. It crashing when I try to build every options xD It crash or stop, aleatory. Said me if you need more information pls.

It stop me when appear “Starting up Swarm connection”, and last times when I try to build my game it don’t crash, only stop for a long time xD (sry for my english u.u)

That Build section in the editor builds the lights, it doesnt create an .exe of your game. You need to Package your game.

Follow these instructions in the link please:


¿And I could send this executable to my friends and they can use it?

Yep, they should be able to use it after you have packaged it (you will find a .exe in the folder which will be created)

Okey, thank you very much ^^