How do i package my game for

im using my mac book but i want to transfer my package to my windows computer and then package it for . How do i do this? Please help. Thanks

Thanks but unfortantely it will not let me access the hyperlinks that you have provided for me. Also i went on my packaging project on unreal engine 4 and itll only give me the option to package for HTML , Andriod, Mac, and IOS. But i have in targeting hardware all selected to be supported yet this happens, What do i do ??

The Dreamer,

It may be best for you to address your questions to our [Xbox One forums][1]. But you shouldn’t have any trouble moving your project from your Macbook to your Windows computer. If you want to package your project for Xbox One, you will need to make sure you set it up correctly. Here is some [information][2] on how to do that.

Good luck!

You need to download the Unreal Engine from source, so use [GitHub][1]. You’ll need Visual Studio to build the engine for this as well. Here is the link to the [forums][2], you should be able to create an account there and access the Xbox One forums.

  • [GitHub Setup][3]
  • [Downloading Unreal Engine Source Code][4]

Unreal Engine on GitHub - Unreal Engine
[3]: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums
[4]: Downloading Unreal Engine Source Code | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation