How do I override Dino_Character_BP Blueprint


How do I override Dino_Character_BP Blueprint?

I have made a child of it in my mod folder, and made a little change, is that all I need to do? Do I have to find avery BP that links to the original and manually relink them all? That seems error prone.

Any help would be most welcome

Hey Rob-bb,

create a child is enough to make changes, so it’s kind of safe if the devs change something, so you get the changes as well, but your changes stay.

What about all the other BP’s that link into Dino_Character_BP and all the BP’s the link from it? Do I need to do anything about them? Looking at the original Dino_Character_BP in the reference viewer there are a lot of links to it.

If you don’t wnat to change them, then leave it as it is. If you want to change them, then copy into your mod folder and relink in the Dino BP. I’m not that pro in modding, but i’m using child’s of a few Dino BP’s on my map and it’s working fine.