How do i organize and group objects and their blueprints?

Hi, lets say i have 2 objects. I want to be able to rotate both of them as a group with key input. This i managed to do with the help of you guys. But the next thing i want to do is to be able to hide half of the object, but to be still be able to rotate the whole group even when the one half is hidden… so when i unhide it (i want this to be a toggle to hide and unhide) so it is in place when it is unhidden. Because it was my first project and i imported the scene trough datasmith from 3ds max it was not really optimized and the 2 objects im talking about were made of 150 objects. So i selected them all and made e blueprint which kind of made it one single object. In blueprint mode i could select all the sub-objects buuuut i really dont know how to organize the objects and the blueprints. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

But the next thing i want to do is to be able to hide half of the object

Are these “half of the object[s]” half of the blueprints sub-objects, or do you want to hide one blueprint and not the other?

from what i know i dont think you can just hide half of a object. if for example u have a cube then you can model two half parts of that cube and then just import it to ue4. put them in the scene with both joined together and then hide one part of the cube.

Maybe i didnt explain it too well. I have a machine linked with a chair. THey are separate objects and i want to be able to rotate them together with a single pivot as if they are grouped. And also i want to have a functionality which will let me hide the chair. how do i do it? If i create a blueprint for both of the objects it connects them and maybe inside the blueprint i have to do something? Because out in the 3d viewport i cannot select them separately any longer.

In the BP, you can Set Visibility separately for every component.

And yes, you can select a separate component in the Viewport. To do so, you have to either find the component above the details to the right of your window when your BP is selected in the Viewport, or just double-click the component in the viewport itself. But since you need to switch visibility on/off at the runtime, you have to create those functions in the BP.

So for starters the correct way to begin is to select those 2 objects and “convert selected to blueprint class”?

Depends. I’d say in your case it would be better to create an empty blueprint and then add mesh components to it. In this case you’ll be free to move the components around, since none of them will be the Root, and it will be easier to organize them properly. But then again, maybe converting them into a BP will work for you, you can do some experimenting.

Why is it so hard to do something so imple in Unreal?

I’ve been looking for an answer for hours.