How do I "Open Level" at a specified location?

Hi guys -

I feel like there SHOULD be an easy way to do this. I’ve got a menu screen, when I click the START button I use an “Open Level” node to specify the level I want to load in to. Is there a way to specify, BEFORE THAT LEVEL OPENS, WHERE the player starts in that level? Given the context of my game, I want to be able to open that level and have the player start at various places around the level.

(My starting level is a hub world…depending on which level a player COMES from when returning to the hub world, I want the player to start from differing locales within the hub world.)

You can use simple bools in your gameinstance. If you f.e. came from Level 1 then set this value to true. Then load your Level. In your Player_BP get the gameinstance and the bools. If one is true, set the Location from your Player to that one you like.

Store start location for every level somewhere and teleport player to that location.

It is also possible to create tags in playerstart actor, get them all when level loaded, sort and find which one has specific tag. Then get its location and teleport player there.

Or you can save game data for specific level to saparate slot, with last player location, load it and teleport player in that location.