How do I open Bridge on UE5

Hi !

I can’t figure out HOW do I open bridge on Unreal Engine.
Here is where the guy on the tutorial finds it :

I only have this :

I watched a specific tutorial, installed bridge but it wasn’t the same, I couldn’t even drag the asset into my projet …

I want to be able to drag an asset directly into my projet just like the guy does in this tutorial :

Please help me


Is this any good?..

I don’t have quixel/bridge in my library, Can’t find a way to add it, I uninstalled and installed unreal engine, nothing changed to.

I found it thank’s to your help !

Before you follow the steps mentionned in the tutorial you send, you must download unreal engine 5, it doesn’t appear without.
here’s the link for anybody who experienced the same issue : Unreal Engine 5 - Unreal Engine

after you simply have to download it from the library just like in the tutorial showed above by clockworkocean.

Thank’s again and have a great day !