How do I open a sliding door using a button with raycast/tracing?

Hey, everyone. Thanks in advance for any help I may receive. I’m currently trying to open a set of elevator doors (animated with a matinee) using a button next to the doors, like a call-button. I want this button to be intractable by using raycasting so that it retains some realism, but also requiring the player to be within a trigger box. Ideally, I’d like the player to enter the trigger, look at the button, and hit E. The doors would open, and would then close once the player is either inside the elevator, or has walked far enough away from it. I understand all the logic that goes in to making this, and if it were GameMaker, I could definitely figure this out for myself. However, blueprints are extremely confusing for me, and I don’t quite get how referencing instances and functions in other blueprints works in this engine. Again, any help would be greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance.

Here’s some screenshots of my BP so far, as well as the map itself.

I have a working elevator that is very similar to your design except for the trigger box part. I can share the blueprint version when I get enough time on my hands.

That’d be fantastic and greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Hi there, I haven’t forgotten about this, but I may not be available to do it until the weekend. Cheers.