How do i open a server in a shipped game ?

I’m trying to do it just like i did in the development package i had before.
game.exe ?listen -server
and in the other instance of the game i’v added access to console via a widget, and while typing “open” nothing happens, this is harder to debug in a 32bit version, how am i supposed to do it over there ?

You can’t use the commandline options in a shipping build, and a lot of the direct console commands are cut out. For good reason, because end users that you distribute the project to would also be able to use them.

The only way around this if you want to test in shipping, is create a simple menu system in the game for hosting/joining.

Thanks, actually i’ve been just starting to work on a searchGame hostGame and joinGame menus, so i guess i have to use these nodes :

If you have a good tutorial to give me it will be very appreciated :slight_smile: