How do i open a landscape into an existing project?

Good afternoon,

My name is . I am a new Unreal Engine developer. I have just purchased a landscape pack from the store (Realistic Desert Pack in Environments - UE Marketplace). I cannot figure out how to import or open the landscape from the content folder into my map? ** Please provide a step by step instruction to load a landscape from the content folder.** Thank you so much!

Add the package to your project, then move the landscape into your current level, or add the package to a project, then right click the landscape and select migrate, in this case direct it to the target project /content folder.

Thank you for your help unit23. I unfortunately wasn’t able to find the right folder to migrate the map content to in my project. What is the correct location to paste the contents into? When i migrate it says its already in the content folder. I added a map pack to my project (…validated=true) but I wasn’t able to find a way to bring the map into the game space as the landscape. I tried dragging and dropping it, moving it to the game content folder on the upper right hand of the screen but the map wouldn’t load into the game space as the landscape. Would you mind doing a team view with me?

Could anyone please walk me through the process of opening a landscape from its content folder?