How do i not allow crouching while my character is jumping (3rd person)

Hey guys, i’ve been messing around with ue4 for the past few days and finally figured out how to make my own custom animations, and have started trying to implement them for use.

Currently im working on my crouch animation. I have it currently set up like this in the event graph:

The problem i’ve ran into is that while jumping, if I crouch, my character freezes in the air because of the disable movement (I used this to keep my character from sliding around while crouched [I don’t currently plan on implementing a walking crouched animation]). If anyone could help me with figuring out a way to disable crouch while my character is still in the jump animation would be great!

It is hard to see the pic, but it looks like you are playing animation directly on input events, which is not good idea. Probably you want to add some variables(enums) for movement states such as (idle, walk, run, jump, falling, etc…)(can’t remember if character movement component has it already?) and simple boolean for crouch, make it controlled by input with some condition checking - you defenitely not want to enter crouch state when in jump/in air state, right?. Then make animation blueprint and blend your animation depending on this movement states and other relevant variables, it will gives you a lot of control and flexibility while keeping your input graph clear and simple.

You can check the Character Movement component for Is Falling. If you are falling, ignore the crouch input.