How do I move "World Settings" and "Marketplace" buttons to the end of the toolbar?

Header really says it all. The toolbar is too wide, and I’d rather have the frequently-used “play” type buttons earlier, and the never-used “Marketplace” button at the end.
Is this possible other than re-building the engine/editor from scratch? How?

Hi jwatte, currently allowing customized toolbar layouts are not permitted anyway other than modifying the editor code. We had a prototype to allow it, but we haven’t had time to really polish it and make it a thing. One way you can make it smaller is to enable small toolbar icons, which you’ll find in the editor preferences.


Thanks for the answer. I look forward to being able to alt-drag the buttons around or whatever you come up with!
To whomever thought the “marketplace” button should go on the left: I hope you have since recanted your decision. Else you’re doomed to only play incentivized free-to-play installer-bundled shovelware with microtransaction time accelerators for the rest of your life :slight_smile:

Dear Nick, please make this a thing. It is still important and we need it! Small toolbar icons are not a good solution. Thanks.


Still looking forward to this prototype making it to production!
Maybe for 5.0?