How do i move the Virtual Camera with my Ipad/Iphone?

Hello everyone!

I just download the Demo Project for Virtual Camera, I work in a Motion Capture studio and would love to use this new feature for Realtime Previsualisation.

I noticed that in the Vcam settings i can set the Input source, for using the Ipad i should use the ARkit.
The thing is that i don’t know what to do with the Ipad/Iphone.

Do i need to package the project and export it for IOS and then run it in the Ipad?
Can i use this feature with the Play Simulation?


The lack of documentation for this plugin/demo is really odd. You’d think there would at least be a guide on how to get started. The virtual camera sample project looks no different than a standard project with some additional assets and the virtual camera plugin enabled.

Are we looking in the wrong place?

There are a few ways to use this sample.

  1. If your signed up with Apples development program you can utilize Arkit. Plenty of info on the web to get you started.
  2. If you want to dive right in then you can download an Unreal Remote App from the App store and connect unreal to your ipad/iphone that way. Works pretty well. (Make sure the PC and IOS device is on the same network)
  3. Make your own blueprint as I did using something like a vive tracker. Parent the cam under the tracker and attach it to the ipad in the right orientation. Bear in mind that with this method the some of the on screen functions wont work correctly but you can rebuild.

Thanks for the reply! I didn’t know there was a UE remote App, i will check it later!
Probably i will parent the Vcam to a Prop being capture.

Hi Zyou, did it work for you? Unfortunately unreal remote iPad and unrealeditor do not connect at my place. Although in the same network - but both over WiFi
Any ideas what might be going wrong?

I haven’t tried it yet!
Are you signed up with apple development program? (I think there is a free version for testing)

The way I setup up a stable connection is just to use a spare wifi router. (One that’s not be used by lots of other devices). Hard wire in an ethernet cable from your pc and connect the ipad/iphone via wifi to that router. Ipconfig in windows command prompt to check your IP4 address of your pc. Put this address into the remote app on the ipad and then after you press play in Unreal hit connect on the app.

I just did that and it only says Waiting for connection nothing happens. Any ideas?

Even I am facing the same issue!!! Is it mandatory to sign in with apple development program?