How do i move the character to a specific location like under bed or locker

most tutorials on the internet place a different camera in the scene and just change the camera to the target camera but I can’t do that cuz my character has a flash light and I want them to carry this flashlight to the hiding spot (in case they forgot to turn it off they get caught) so I’ve done most of the functionality like disabling movement and setting up input actions but I don’t know how to move the character pls help.

If you setup the camera for the “hiding” action to where you want it and just do a " Set View Target with Blend" to the new camera, this shouldn’t affect your character at all and you could still animate, move or do whatever with your character (flashlight in hand or not) with the new camera set as active.

Then when you finish hiding just “Set View Target with Blend” back to your normal gameplay camera.

no bro the flashlight stays with character and it looks weird. I want the flashlight to be carried over to the locker and the player can turn it off and on

my character has a spot light with it.

Could someone help? Let me know if you want more explanation of the situation