How do I move player upward?

Sorry for the dumb question. I couldn’t find an answer for this online.

I was trying to create a blueprint for a hover vehicle like a helicopter or a UFO, but I’m having some problems with my player movement. For some reason, when I use the Get Up Vector with the movement input, it either moves the player forward or backward, also depending on the pitch of the player. Say if I was pointing above the horizon and held down the space bar, player moves backward. If I was pointing the mouse downward and pressed the space bar, it would move forward (angle also affects speed). I wanted it to move straight up the Z axis of the world. I also tried removing Get Up Vector and manually typed in 90 degrees in the Z axis of the world direction, but it doesn’t seem to work. Is there a default blueprint setting I’m supposed to change, like gravity perhaps? If so, how do I change it?

Get upward or forward vector will always provide you with the vector which is in front (or which ever you used) of your actor and is directly affected by the rotation of it.

Though hardcoding it should work. I’m a little confused by degree because you should hardcode a vector which doesn’t have degree but only points in the grid system of UE but that should provide you with exactly what you want.

What exactly happens if you do this?

And by the way right now it’s possible to press jump and crouch at the same time resulting in a situation where you press one first then the second, the second one will set the “Up Scale” vector but it will do this as long as either key is pressed.

…also you will have twice the speed if you press both because you call the “Add Movement Input” twice.

Ah. You’re right about the vector. I’ll have to test this out soon as I get home.

Right now, it provides basic movements: forward, backward, strafe left and right. But, I’ll have to redo it so it actually uses the UE grid system, like you said.

If I press crouch and jump at simultaneously, it does the last command, but I haven’t checked if the speed doubles. I’ll have to check that. Thanks for your input.