How do I Move Marketplace folders within my project without getting errors?

Dear All,

I’m facing a similar issue with the redirectors.

I purchased 2 nature packs at the Marketplace.
I add both to my project and they land in the main content folder. Nature Pack and Realistic Trees.
I want to move both folder contents into a NatureAssets folder.
I select the Mesh, Texture, Materials sub folders within the original Nature Pack and move them to my own NatureAssets Folder.

So far all works.
Now I remove the original Nature Pack folder from the Content menu.
I save my project and restart.
I try to place anything from my new moved folder and it looses the Texture settings and everything.

I tried to move and delete within UE4 then I tried to migrate the content and then delete the original.
I tried to press the Fix Up Redirectors function on the new folder before I deleted the original. Same results.

Do I really have to keep all kind of trash folders within my game if I use items from the marketplace or is there any way to get rid of this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Try this…

  • Move folders to desired location
  • On the main ‘Content’ folder (that contains all sub folders) right click and fix up redirectors
  • Delete old folder and fix up redirectors again for good measure

Wow thanks mate. That worked fine.
I think I made a mistake by trying to fix up redirectors while I was not standing on the main content folder.

Now it works!

Million thanks.

Well it looks fine until I restart the UE4. No errors pop up but when I place a tree it gets the default Material and looses all settings…
Any ideas?