How do I move assets from one project to another?

I’ve been learning loads for my action rpg in a special tutorial file. Now I would like to move the tutorial files from the tutorial to my project instead of rebuilding it. Is that possible or is this kittycat meowing at the wrong bird?

You can right click any asset and use the migrate option. This will fetch all related assets and you can pick the destination project content folder. However, sometimes this offers too many assets to migrate, and for instance you just want to migrate a certain mesh and materials/textures, in this case you must recreate the exact folder structure inside the destination project content folder, then copy/past the files manually from the windows explorer.

Important: If you manually migrate characters make sure to always migrate all related animations/anim instance blueprints etc too, before you move or change the character at the new destination (otherwise references will break). In any case you can always manually fix broken references, but sometimes this can be tedious. If you move a folder, afterwards right click that moved folder, and use the fix redirection option, to clean up all redirected references.

all my own content is in its own folder structure so that won’t be an issue. I would just have to recreate the third person character variables and other changes.


Migrating takes a while; and requires a significantly longer time compared to copy-pasting assets with Windows explorer. Would it hurt if, instead of migrating all my project’s folders to another project’s ‘Content’ folder, I copied all those folders to the corresponding other project’s Content folder? Would the assets be “damaged” in any way? Would they loose their references to each other and whatnot?

Here is what a post on this topic says:…real-engine-4/

As opposed to copying, when you migrate from within Unreal Engine all of the asset’s dependencies are carried over as well. So if you migrate a material, all of its linked textures will be copied as well."