How do I move a project between computers?

Our team is collaborating on a project and needs to work between three different computers, one of which is a Mac. Has anyone figured out how to move a project between machines?

We’ve discovered it’s not enough to just copy the project folder from one Unreal Projects folder to another – this gives us the following error message:
“The game module ‘’ could not be found. Please ensure that this module exists and that it is compiled.”

I’ve seen twiddle’s answer to svelle’s post suggesting the use of Link Shell Extension. While this may be a temporary fix for changing project locations in Windows machines, what about movement between OS’s? Or even movement of the project within the same hard drive on a Mac? It could be that we’re overlooking something, but having this functionality would be absolutely crucial to improving our development efficiency and effectiveness.

Thanks in advance for any help.

This is the most helpful information I was able to find:

The only folders you need to
copy/version control for a project

  • Config
  • Content
  • Source [1]

Do you have any kind of shared storage
available between the two machines? If
so you could create a git or mercurial
repository [2] on it, which you
could then clone and push/pull from as
you work on each machine. This would
let you pass around only the delta
changes, rather than copy everything
each time.

  • [1] Source won’t be available for a content only (blueprint based)
  • [2] Or any other version control system of your choice

In addition to copying the “Config”, “Content”, and “Source” (if it exists) folders, I found I also need to grab the “Saved” folder and “.uproject” file. Using this method, I have been able to move projects between computers, regardless of whether they’re running Mac OSX or Windows (of course, this last bit doesn’t apply to projects with OS specific code e.g. Kinect For Windows v2).

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Additionally, you can use a cloud storage service such as Dropbox or Box to store your project folder. If you run the desktop client on your machine, your files will automatically be sync’ed to “the cloud”. This works great if you need to switch machines; you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off, and it works across operating systems as well.

Wont let me do this.