How do I move a pawn that is set to simulate physics and is meant to collide with the ground?

This question is primarily geared towards basic tanks but can be applied to other factors as well.

Can somebody please briefly explain to me how Alan Noon in Training Stream - Tank Vehicle - March 17th, 2015 - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums got his tank to (seemingly) simulate physics while still using add actor offset to move his tank around?
I completed everything and understood everything that he went over, yet the only functionality that still evades me (and has evaded me since picking up UE4 over a year ago, very frustrating) is simulating basic physics while still making the vehicle move.

In brief:
-for me, simulating physics overrides the add actor offset, and my tank sits there spinning its treads.
-Without simulating physics, it floats from it’s start point on the Z axis and does not collide with anything in the world.

I did not see anything in his blueprints that suggested it was a scripted behavior (faking the physics) using line traces, something I have done but do not like.

Would really like to know this one little thing, as it’s going to be a major part of my project. Searching for this problem has yielded no results, so I am trying to be specific.

If anyone has news about this it’d be great to hear. There seems to be a lot of people wondering the same thing judging from that comments in that video as well.


I’m trying to figure this same thing out right now. Any pointers?

if its floating in the air, then you need to tick the box that says Enable Gravity and make sure the position isnt locked. Do you really need to simulate physics though? im asking because you can generate overlap and hit events in the game without using simulate physics

Someone on the forum where the twitch stream was held already cleared up the problem a long time ago.

The trick is to use “Add local offset” instead of “add actor local offset” same with rotation. For some reason the engine dislikes “Actor” offsets when it comes to physically active actors.