How do I move a character/player from one project to another?


I have made a character/player congiguration in one project but I want it to be be in another one. I looked around and som people said that copy & paste would work but for me that isn’t the case. The actor I want to move is the one in the screenshot.


You could try to migrate the assets?

When you copy and paste the files in your content folder (in the project folder) + paste them at the exact same position in your new project (e.g when the file is from Content/Test/New you will also have to add it in your new project to Content/Test/New -> otherwise you will lose references!).

The 2nd way is to migrate the asset -> do a right click on your gamemode (as it includes everything - character bp, player controller,…) - migrate - choose a folder - press ok.

Keep in mind that you might have to redo the action and axis inputs in your project settings :slight_smile:

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