How do I modify a simplified collision in UE4?

I imported a static mesh. Then using static mesh editor I added a 6DOP simplified collision. This creates a bounding box around my entire mesh. I would like bounding box to be around a specific part of mesh, not whole thing. How do I go about doing that? I’d like to re position and scale box.

Essentially part of mesh is a “trigger”, rest you can’t interact with.

Hey Slayer9292,

There isn’t a way to modify simplified collision within UE4, but you can create a Blueprint using Mesh as a purely aesthetic component (with no collision enabled). You can then use a box, capsule, or sphere component for your collision, and position it over part of mesh you want to have collision. Check this post out for a similar question and its solution:

Hope that helps!

Just wanted to add that in 4.3 we’ve actually added more functionality to static mesh editor. You will now be able to add collision shapes, move them around, scale them, etc…

Late last night it came to me that I could use a blueprint. Not sure why I wasn’t thinking of that earlier. Thanks.

Glad to hear we are getting more functionality.