How do I migrate only a few objects into my game from content packs?

There is some absolutely awesome content that I have collected from wonderful creators. However, often times they are in huge packs that I rarely use all the content for. Example, I want to use say, some trees from one content pack with a slew of other stuff and some props from another huge content pack but not the rest. I want to collect the textures, mats, ect from both the trees and props but often time I miss some when I try to manually do it. I don’t want to bloat my game with unnecessary content. I’m sure that there’s an easy way to do it but I havent figured out how. Can anyone please help me?

Hi @InsaneXade

The easiest way I found to do this was to set up Temp Project just for this purpose. Install to the Temp Project and use the ‘Migrate’ feature to move the Asset (and References) to your Main Project Content. Good Luck.

Ohhhh! Okay! thanks so much! Such an elegant solution @TechLord I’ll do just that!